Friday, July 5, 2024

Black Families by Majority HaveExperienced Legal Bureaucratic Overreach By Department of Family Services

It’s overwhelming. Black families by majority have experienced legal gaslighting, social worker manipulation, defamation, character assignation, low of income, smear campaigns and trail bureaucratic overreach. Parental trauma makes it impossible for to move forward without assistance and help. And these traumatic delays leave children with feelings of abandonment and anxiety, to state the least. and move on. Dr. Levitch, author of “
WHFF.TV Presents Parenting and Technology: Social Media, Negative Content Creation and Desensitization” also created the parenting firm to help restore parents' self-esteem. Her platform allows parents to seek unity and a voice of the American double standard they’ve just experienced. “We have created a platform to share with estranged children. With Healthy Family First [WHFF] has provided a platform that includes all streaming services including Amazon Prime Video, Paramount, HBO, Max, Hulu, Netflix and other major global streaming services. These platforms secure and provide audiences that stream up to $269 million worth of content worldwide. There is enough space and opportunity to present docuseries, indie books and short films that show black and brown experiences. This is essential to children believing they are loved who are unaware of what happened. Simply that they were removed; they must be bad, their parents are bad and the unknowing effects children’s lives into adulthood. Notwithstanding, to ensure parents have a say in finding their children in a system that has torn apart the American family government with no option for reconciliation this must be done.”

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