Friday, July 5, 2024

Creating Social Media Platform for Parental Generationions and Reconciliation Models


The purpose of parental reconciliation with healthy families is, first and foremost, to empower families to harness and utilize their diverse talents and explain the relationship spit with their biological children. We all already use social media as a platform to create experiences and stories and distribute user-generated content. Streaming services and social media platforms already allow a place for users to tell their stories and create authentic and engaging content. Now is the time to create a professional experience and communicate to children that they are loved and have not been abandoned by their biological parent. that family services have manipulated legal language and rhetoric. Our mission is to help families share with their children their desire for reconciliation and not just enforce non-contact, but to create awareness and resistance to its consequences of lost legacies and no communication into adulthood. From a business perspective, this means partnering with agencies to distribute user-generated content, commercials, ads, videos, product and explainer videos, and then forming other partnerships around the world so that Black and Brown parents have the access and accountability to make the United States change removal process for black and brown families. Let's challenge a system that is already systemically reporting kidnapping black families and make restoration feasible


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